Liberation from Parasitism, on all levels, is required for your Freedom

There are epidemics of parasitism

physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. To emerge into your thriving pure human self involves identifying and releasing that which isn’t you, all that is taking more than it provides

About Jeff

As an integrative functional physician of 25+ years I have used all my skills and experience to assist several thousand beautiful people of all ages in their healing journeys.

I spent a long hard season focusing on the physical aspects of health and dove deep into the world of complex chronic illnesses of all kinds and labels. I also explored the powerful mind-body connections and the spiritual contexts of it all.

All this I did, and do, both with my clients and my self, diligently pursuing vitality, freedom and liberation…physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…and through these experiences I have realized that a common blocking dynamic is parasitism, which must be addressed for we humans to thrive.

I now work on-line with clients of all ages in unique ways, described below.

Do you want guidance to create the conditions to support your vitality, expansion and evolution?

Ways to work with me

The QPP: Quantum Parasite Protocol

The Multi-Dimensional Parasite Assessment and Remediation Process

Liberation from Parasitism

All of life is relational. Parasitism describes a potential dynamic of relationships where one entity takes more energy than it gives.

Parasitism can and does occur on all 5 levels, but to different degrees in each person. Where there is parasitism in one level…there is corresponding parasitism in others. But where and how much?…in you?

Each level influences the others, and because of this multi-factorial, multi-dimensional dynamic- randomly addressing only one or two aspects and in isolation rarely leads to lasting change.

However, when all levels are addressed simultaneously, guided by assessing your unique profile and my mentoring…you can truly transform.

Do you want to thrive and be free?

Do you desire pharma freedom?…getting off of drugs and onto your health sovereignty?

De-prescribing mentorship

Liberation from Pharma
  • I carefully assist your process of going from the passive receiver of drugs to the active creator of health.
  • I love to work with those who wish to safely release their medications, when appropriate,…and also the underlying unconscious beliefs/commitments/attachments.
  • Reclaim your self ownership and authority.
  • Package per Discovery Call.

Transformational Mentoring

“coaching” to shift lifelong patterns.

  • Trauma Transmutation and releasing of Fear, Programs and Resistance.
  • Awareness facilitates choice.
  • For those who want to be seen and lovingly called forward.
  • 8-week packages.

Medical Mentoring

Decision making and health system navigation

  • Are you getting multiple opinions and perspectives from multiple directions, conventional and alternative?
  • Not sure how to make sense of it all or how to proceed? 
  • I can help you navigate and find your way from a place of measured reason and extensive experience that is informed by big picture knowledge of both the “standard” and “alternative” systems and having worked with thousands of clients. 
  • A mentoring/guiding service- hourly rate.

Frequency Based Wellness Supports

I have vetted the next generation of Electroceuticals for:

  • Direct Molecular and Cellular Activation (PEMA) via sophisticated lowlevel electromagnetics.
  • Electro-smog & EMF remediation/conversion scalar technology.

View website:

Contacting and working with me

I work with all ages, remotely and in person.

A Discovery Call is required because working together will be a relationship engagement and we both should check in and see if it seems a mutually beneficial one before committing.

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